watching, drinking a good beer.

the walls were painted with darker tones, building mood through the dimming of the sun, frames would glisten during the day- blinding the room to the more intimate future of the evening- when sunlight fell, just the fixtures would illuminate. it had a similar effect as the sound, the light would spot above you, providing a depth of field for your focus. in the midst of this mess you could stare at the person across from you and become numb to the surrounding action. being alone he peered around at the unhappy couples, old friends, first dates, families and the personality of the room began to take on Pollack. none of these people knew one another, many wouldn’t even enjoy the group next to them, yet they chose the proximity in part to dull the feeling of emptiness they might have felt alone. the overwhelming nature was so steeped in stimulus that energies seemed to transmute throughout the space, connecting and distancing us from our reality. simply a reach for anything new, something contagious.