on fun, and greener grass.

'I don't know if I can deal with it much more' his friend vented 'it's just fighting, just all this adult bullshit, controlling fucking nonsense, it's not much fun anymore' he wasn't the most qualified to chime in, this wasn't exactly his area of expertise, in fact that's probably where it was coming from. he was the person his buddy expected to nod and agree 'was it ever just fun though? was that ever what made you love her, that it was fun?' he was sincerely asking, wasn't exactly sure where he was going with this, his friend just stared 'I don't know, you know I don't. but when I see you two together, I always see a decade ahead. I remember when you met her, how natural it was, how perfect, I don't really remember fun. but I still see love. I see how she looks at you and how you talk about her to new people, maybe the fighting is just a couple trying to figure it out, two people testing whether this is a forever thing. fun is something I know, and it's bullshit, I would trade the immediate ease of fun for the length and depth of love. maybe it won't work, maybe it's not right, but don't confuse yourself into believing it will ever be easier next time'