silence you can curl up in.

they sat back as time rolled away like the pavement. hours ticking softly to the sound of good music and a warm breeze that screamed like a howling wind as it rushed in through the passenger window. her hair danced along with that wind as she stared out at a new world, a new world to her at least. he tapped on the steering wheel to the rhythm of a guitar, that played, accompanied by a sharp harmonica, and an ugly voice that sung true and wise. he had seen all of this that was new to her, but they remained quiet, a special quiet that's unspoken and understood. the quiet you get when two people are absolutely comfortable together. he looked at her and smiled then, she might not've noticed but out the corner of her eye, and that made her smile. and then they were smiling, him watching yellow lines pour beneath the chassis, her as sunset fell softly with golden rays out to the west. both thinking about each other, with something to say, but choosing nothing, figuring it might speak louder.