little lessons.

he watched the little guy kicking a soccer ball around the yard, must've been six by now. those six years had funnelled away so quickly they felt lost. after a lot of selfish living, he was ready to settle down, nothing he chased seemed worth running after anymore. now, he just wanted to love something more than himself. just then he caught his godson looking at himself in the front window. it reminded him of when he was little, to the times his old man would catch him doing the same. walking over, he tousled his little buddies hair and knelt beside him 'can you do something for me?' they looked at each other in the mirror and he saw a shy nod 'repeat after me' another nod 'what do you see in there?' he saw an eyebrow raise innocently 'a handsome boy with his whole life ahead of him' an inquisitive face stared up through the mirror 'you repeat that part' so he did 'and what are you gonna be when you grow up?' the kid looked down at his feet 'not yet, this is the important part' pointing into the glass they both made eye contact with themselves 'anything I want’, 'anything I want' both smiling, he stood up, pulled the soccer ball into his feet, looking down 'and don't ever let anyone tell you any different'