acid and menthol.

he sat alone in the hot tub, staring up at a cloudless sky, littered with infinity. a cigarette dangled from his lips as the drugs pulsed through his blood and danced in his brain. exhaling some of the poison he watched as the smoke fluttered, plumed and dissolved into the stars above him. music played softly somewhere in the background, in tune with the dissipating smoke. the water surrounding him shuttered and shifted moments after the waves beneath him gently rocked the boat. he observed the slow reaction of the secondary liquid as his eyes remained fixed on the ceiling. the cool menthol tickled his lips as the smoke hung again from his mouth. his mind wandered nowhere but above him, tracing new patterns in the lights. after a while his head fell back and rested on the surface, his eyes closed slowly and he let himself fall beneath the cusp of water, beneath the surface he opened them once more, stinging and warm, he saw a different sky now, a more muddled far off forever. it was easier to contemplate the universe, he mused, when it was harder to see.