on real life, or hallmark.

he watched from across the room, her long blonde hair fell behind her shoulders as she tossed her chin back laughing at something he was too far to hear. her blue eyes squinted, lips parted and teeth glistened as the light peeked in through the blinds and washed across her azure dress. she was new to him, they hadn't met, but they would now, he had that awful feeling in his stomach that comes when you start to lose control. that fleeting urge to know someone, laugh with them, to tell the joke. she caught him looking then, and this time, unlike most times, he didn't look away, he just smiled, and she smiled- a shy smile- then her eyes fell to the floor, and her hand reached delicately to tuck some hair that had fallen back behind her ear. he knew love at first sight was bullshit, never cared much for romance, but- until now- he had never seen her.