tension and love.

they sat, staring ahead at the yellow lines flowing away like an old reel of film. it was one of those uncomfortable silences, taught as an overtightened guitar string, a cumbersome tension not likely to reveal anything pretty. his hand gripped the wheel and mouth grew dry as words deserted him. she sat with her knees pulled into her chest watching the power lines streak past. it was a long while of nothing, both trapped trying to think of anything, instead wrapping the time into knots, dwelling, distraction far off as the destination. he reached for his phone and she pretended not to notice, quickly he shuffled for a song, their song. it started softly, volume still low from when voices were raised. putting the phone down he stared back out at the road. around the second verse she reached for the volume, it was a gentle song, a beautiful one. neither of them spoke, but something about the tensioned eased. near the end he reached his right arm out and gently ran his fingers through her hair, pausing to caress her head just behind the ear. he pulled himself close not taking eyes off the road and kissed her softly, slowly on the forehead. they both leaned back then, knowing nothing was better, but silently agreeing it would be.