of today, broadly.

someone had asked him what he thought of today, of the world, or his view of it. the outlook wasn't filled with much optimism, although the pessimism had little to do with what you might think 'what little progress we make is in the development of our tools, which we are slowly becoming tools of' he smiled considering 'our lives so caged by convenience that we hardly notice the moral confusion, a whole world of privilege looking for ways to either grow or share. and our sharing seems more and more like a desperate swipe at purpose for purposeless lives. trying to provide people with the resource to join the collective delusion. a landscape where the individual is characterized by broad statistics and predicted by its relation to the whole. a people free to do anything and so drowning in existential angst, overcome with information, yet choosing to consume genial nonsense about productivity and efficiency. treating ourselves as the machines we so carefully curate, consuming software updates to move us through a system that has little value to offer outside further restriction and customary passions. sheep being trod along though not by some ambiguous elite but the system itself. so what do I think about today, I think we've begun turning a wheel that cannot be turned back, that we are tumbling toward an empty and hallow existence with open arms. I don't see hope guiding as much as convenience, I see a hedonistic world in desperate pursuit of distraction.' so it goes.