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A few years ago I had a chunk of money saved, was inquiring about down-payments, and in the midst of finishing my junior year of university. A concussion had, rather abruptly, ended my hockey career and despite a well constructed front, I was confused. Really confused. Around that time I picked up an old 35mm camera and had a university professor tell me I ought to pursue my book. Fast forward and you might find me sitting in a cafe somewhere drinking a black coffee and reading, same as always. It hasn’t been a smooth transition, the learning curve in photography was steeper than expected, and I remain by far the toughest critic of my work. What it has done is fill the void left by the loss of athletics, and I treat it with just as much intensity and dedication. The book has had highs and lows, good and bad days, guess that’s true for all of it. I took the money and invested it, now I fill the gas tank through licensed images, commercial work and writing gigs. Living mostly under the canopy of my Tacoma these past few years has allowed me to climb mountains in Alberta, surf in Oahu, tramp through the southern alps of New Zealand, watch the Yankees in the Bronx, road trip around Iceland, sip whisky in Scotland, scream from the edge of the great granite cliffs of Yosemite, get lost on long nights wandering the cobblestone streets of London and stargaze from the Grand Canyon. Everywhere I’ve been has taught me something, and the experiences collectively have taught me a lot about myself. I woke up with the sun most mornings and spent evenings scribbling in a journal from the front seat of the car, it’s been an amazing ride. 

As always I’m excited to have you along, and really want you to be part of the journey. If you have any questions or comments shoot me an e-mail. I’m a notoriously slow responder, partially due to my lifestyle and partially because instant communication isn't always a good thing, but I'll get back to you when I can. Whether business or personal you can find me at;