The Latest Three, For Me.

The Sun Also Rises. -Earnest Hemingway

Hemingway is my favorite writer. His ability to describe scenes with such vigor and simplicity is unparalleled and a large part of why he was so profoundly successful as a war correspondent. Yet, I think that his true grit as a writer shines more deeply in this work, one about love, that describes an entire generation, down to the detail, and takes you so deeply into the twenties that you feel as though you might really be there. 


Be Here Now. -Ram Dass

Often skeptical about anything spiritual, for too long I deprived myself of the beauty within eastern thought. If you are at all interested in zen or mindfulness Ram Das (Richard Alpert) is a good place to start. This book is in the midst of changing my life.


Steve Jobs. -Walter Isaacson

Rarely do I read biographies. Exceptions of course come for people whom I idolize, Jobs really doesn’t fit that category but I was in the Honolulu airport facing a nine hour flight to Sydney and figured I would give it a shot. One of the best spontaneous purchases I’ve made in a long time, Isaacson weaves an amazing story of a truly amazing individual.